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Summer League

PLAYOFFS Summer 2022
Summer 2022 x PLAYOFFS


Get ready to beat the summer heat and experience the thrill of hockey on the ice! Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your hockey journey, our Summer Hockey League is the perfect destination for players of all skill levels to come together, have fun, and enjoy the game we all love.

Why Join Our Summer Hockey League?

  1. Embrace the Summer Vibes: Break away from the ordinary and make this summer extraordinary! Our league combines the joy of hockey with the warmth of the season, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

  2. All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether you're a veteran hockey player or a complete beginner, we celebrate diversity and welcome players of every skill level. Our league is all about growth, improvement, and celebrating the love of the sport.

  3. Casual and Competitive Mix: Experience the perfect balance of casual play and friendly competition. Our league games are designed to provide excitement and challenge while fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

  4. Stay Active and Engaged: Summer is the ideal time to stay active and engaged in a sport you love. Hockey offers an excellent workout, and our league provides the perfect opportunity to maintain your skills during the offseason.

  5. Create Lasting Memories: Joining our Summer Hockey League isn't just about the games; it's about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Forge new friendships, share laughter, and build a hockey community that extends beyond the rink.

Important Dates

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